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 Saturday 26 March & Sunday 27 March 2022

This weekend, Helene, will present a global vision of human
sexuality in it's individual, relational, cultural and social dimensions.


How does our sexuality evolve according to the experience we have of our own body?

We reflect together on the place of pleasure in the joy of living.

We also open a discussion on the multiple consequences of sexual repression.

We discuss how Vivencia in Biodanza contributes to reduce the level of guilt about pleasure, and how it helps people to know better what they need to feel good in their love relationships, with listening, respect for others and for themselves.

Together we discuss the advances in human knowledge in what differentiates one gender from the other. The man from the woman.

But beyond gender differences, we integrate the individual differences that make each one absolutely unique in the experience of pleasure and the adventure of desire.

We give a significant importance to the bodily dimension of pleasure freed from representations and cultural values inherited from another age.

The approach of sexuality in Biodanza is part of an interest both oriented towards the well-being of the individual, the coherence of relationships, self-respect and respect for others, while making room for the sacredness of the union.

Saturday 26 March & Sunday 27 March 2022

Place: St Werburghs Primary School, Willows Site, James Street, St Werburghs, Bristol, BS2 9US

Cost: £125
Payment in advance: Please enquire

Please bring vegetarian food to share for both days.


All participants must have done Biodanza previously either in the weekly group or in the Bristol School of Biodanza

All participants must attend the whole weekend

 Helene-Jeanne Levy Benseft is a Didactic Teacher with the IBF : She trained with Rolando Toro Araneda (Creator of Biodanza). She is Co-Director of the School of Nice, France and travels the world sharing Biodanza

Weekly Group: Bristol & Cardiff or Sunday Workshops fourth Sunday of each month in Bristol

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14th Biodanza International
Tribal Gathering 2022

Winterswijk Netherlands

A Summer Festival Celebration

Wednesday 27 July 14:00 - Sunday 31 August  14:00